Mommy I'm Here

With a large number child abductions reported every year in the Middle East, it's important that you always know where your little one is.  The Mommy I'm Here line of wireless tracking devices of Baby Gander, the Best Child Locator Device Distributors Retailers in Middle East, are durable, easy to use, and give true peace of mind to parents. Our locators are meant for kids, ages from when they start walking to around 5 to 6 years of age. With our Mommy I'm Here products, you won't need GPS as you will be alerted when they roll and be able to locate them immediately, in the first place.

Baby Gander, one of the leading  Mommy I'm Here Child Locating Device Manufacturers Qatar, provide a wide range of Mommy I'm Here devices that are Effective, Affordable, Easy to use, Made to Sound an Immediate alert, Rugged, Stylish and Fun. Our child locators are easy to set up and use. We've added instructions on how to set up, operate or replace the batteries on our website for your convenience,.

We know that it takes just a moment for your little child to wander off and that's exactly why we produced these adorable child locators, which make great gifts for both new and expecting parents as well. So, order now.