Sing My Name

Want to add some color and fun to telling the time? If Yes, then you can buy Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock from Baby Gander, one of the most popular Personalised Alarm Clock Suppliers in the Middle East. When your kid sees his or her Name featured on the personalized clocks, he or she will feel like a prince or princess.

You can also design a personalized clock to have specifically painted colors, embellished framework and so much more. Your options are infinite when you create your own clock. Also, if you are looking for a gift for your little one that will be treasured for the lifetime, then consider Personalised Alarm Clock gifts from our store.

The Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock is a conventional looking clock with bells and handle, available in plenty of different designs. Our personalized alarm clock specifications are solid chromed metal bells, feet and handles, Great sound quality, Snooze function, Re-programmable with your own music or sounds, which making it a long lasting gift and durable ABS plastic body.  

Every Kid loves hearing his/her name and our alarm clocks are popular with kids all over the Middle  Our  Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock in the Middle East are a fantastic gift that kids simply enjoy and love. Whether you are buying for your own kid or you are looking for something for your friend’s child, you are sure to find something just right at our online portal. Personalized Alarm Clocks are great for boys and girls and will put a big smile on your kid’s face. So, what are you waiting for?Buy one today.